Executive Producers: Dick Morgan, Jon T. Miller

Recorded and mastered at Foxhaven Studio, Olney Maryland.


Dick Morgan, Piano & Keyboards

Etta Jones, Vocal

Tony Williams, Saxophone

Steve Abshire, Guitar

Tommy Cecil, Bass

Bertell Knox, Drums


  1. Sweet Georgia Brown [Bernie/Casey ASCAP] 5:18
  2. Going Out Of My Head [Randazzo BMI] 7:49
  3. Cracker Barrel [Morgan] 6:51
  4. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me [Traditional] 6:42
  5. Someone to Light Up My Life [Jobim BMI] 7:07
  6. I'll Always be in Love With You [Stept/Ruby/Green ASCAP] 6:23
  7. Spellbound [D. Morgan/J. Miller] 7:00
  8. Should I [Freed/Brown ASCAP] 7:22
  9. While We're Young [Engvick BMI] 6:10
  10. Foxhaven Blues [Morgan] 6:21
  11. Wonder Why [Brodszky/Cahn ASCAP] 6:27


A special thanks to Ann Hallman, Mike Deichmann, Ruthanna & Jon Miller and

the Washington Music Center for your support and encouragement. Dick Morgan


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