Photography Division

Foxhaven Associates offers professional photography services in medium (4x5mm, 6X7mm) and large (4x5 inch) formats for film based photography and Canon D30 for digital imaging. Whether your need is a wedding, a portrait, or a commercial event, Foxhaven Associates would be pleased to meet your needs. Award winning photographer Jon T. Miller searches for a balance in product quality and artistic value. Jon is a member of the Professional Photographers of America ( Jon may be reached at

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Foxhaven uses Mamiya RZ-67 and Mamiya 645Pro TTL and 645AF  medium format cameras for the highest professional quality negatives and prints. For more information on Mamiya cameras, go to Where the most demanding need is for distortion control in architectural and product photography, Foxhaven employs the Sinar P 4X5 large format camera. For more information of Sinar cameras, go to .

The Canon D30 digital camera offers outstanding quality and the advantages of digital imaging.  Commercial on-location photography is shot with instant computer viewing, eliminating any guessing about results.